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Establish roots

Living in Kalona

Living in Kalona provides all the modern conveniences families seek while providing the comfort and space small towns can afford.

Did you Kalona is one of only a few towns in Iowa to be a “Certified Gig Community”? That means that homes and businesses in Kalona have access to internet speeds up to 1 Gig, or 1,000 megabytes. The Kalona Cooperative Technology Company is proud to offer blazing-fast internet to keep residents up to speed with the “Next Big Thing”. Access to fiber internet can increase home values, too!¬†

Families living in Kalona can also rely on Mid-Prairie Community School District, a growing district with excellent retention rates – for both students and faculty. Kalona Elementary and the Mid-Prairie Middle School are located in the heart of Kalona while the Mid-Prairie High School is just a few miles west in the City of Wellman.

Children and adults alike benefit greatly from the new Kalona Community Center, recently constructed in 2018. The new facility features a full-size gym with side courts, an elevated walking track, weight and cardio rooms, and much more. The facility and its programming is operated through a partnership with the YMCA of Washington County.


Important Contacts

Alliant Energy
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Kalona City Hall
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Kalona Cooperative Technology Company (KCTC)
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Mid-Prairie Community School District
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The News
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The YMCA – Kalona Community Center
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Housing Assessment

In partnership with RDG Planning & Design, the City of Washington, the City of Wellman, and City of Riverside, and the Washington Economic Development Group (WEDG), a comprehensive housing study is currently being development. The results of the study will inform the housing deficiencies and opportunities in Kalona and the region. More information to come soon.